Speaking Topics

Are you looking for a guest speaker for your next annual meeting or conference? Would you like either a lecture-style or interactive presentation given to your employees? The following list describes some of the topics available through Northwest Leadership Strategies. Custom speeches or presentations can also be provided based on your organization’s needs.

  • Organizational Communications
    Discuss major issues with communication and leadership in organizational settings, and gain tools needed to develop skills in analyzing and making recommendations about communication in your organization
  • Organizational Ethics
    Compare & contrast ethics on various scales (local, national, global), and discuss the philosophy of the foundations of interpersonal relations and values, and responsibilities of individuals in organizations toward others.
  • Organizational Leadership
    Explore the five organizational frames (rational, systems, political, cultural, human) to propose a method of integration within your own organization to respond to a problem or issue. Learn tips to develop a plan of personal leadership development for the future.
  • Renaissance Leadership
    View slideshow tour through Florence, Siena, and Rome to contemplate and discuss the Renaissance masters and how their style and leadership can be applied in the 21st century. Explore ways to renew, rediscover, and invent – through the 7 Da Vincian Principles and other Renaissance thinking. Learn to develop new perspectives and strategies to bring health, creativity, and energy to your organization
  • Servant Leadership
    Develop an understanding of the principles and characteristics of Servant Leadership, and discuss how Servant Leadership is connected to the search for purpose, growth, and community in all organizations.



  • Challenges group and individual thinking
  • Explores the creative process        
  • Encourages new perspectives        
  • Taps imagination                              

























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